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At Home with Jonathan Osman is a real estate and home and garden podcast. As Charlotte North Carolina's go-to voice for all things residential real estate and owner of Tryon Realty Partners, Jonathan will share his insights on the real estate market, provide insider consumer advice, and interview fellow experts on all things real estate. Jonathan will also share his passion for technology, home automation, handy how-to's and exploring the Carolinas. Episodes are delivered twice per month.

Feb 17, 2020

After accruing $72,000 in student loan debt while pursuing her Masters Degree, Bernadette Joy endeavored to pay it off as quickly as possible. Not only did she do it in about 11 months, her and her husband used the same strategy to pay off their mortgage ($300,00 total). Now they are debt free.  This episode, learn how they did it, how you can save for your dream home using the same strategy, and take her challenge.

Find her on social media at @BernadebtJoy

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