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At Home with Jonathan Osman is a real estate and home and garden podcast. As Charlotte North Carolina's go-to voice for all things residential real estate and owner of Tryon Realty Partners, Jonathan will share his insights on the real estate market, provide insider consumer advice, and interview fellow experts on all things real estate. Jonathan will also share his passion for technology, home automation, handy how-to's and exploring the Carolinas. Episodes are delivered twice per month.

Jul 1, 2020

This week, we're discussing Sorting Out The New South City with author Tom Hanchett.  Learn how Charlotte wasn't always a segregated city, the pivotal event that divided the city, how generations of black residents were kept from having a say in North Carolina and the landmark Supreme Court decision that re-integrated a generation of Charlotte students.  

Buy Tom's book Sorting Out the New South City: 

and follow him on Twitter at @historysouth